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What Our Clients Say


“ecko360 Industrial has given us the ability to see every aspect of our jobsite, sometimes thousands of miles away. Their services have been a game changer in efficiency and client transparency. They understand the challenges of Project Management and are always looking for new ways to move their clients to the next level.”


Universal Plant Services

What Our Clients Say


“We have had other companies in the past do scans, usually with varying results. Most scans were distorted and not as clear as we would like for a visual reference. ecko360 Industrial’s final product was much different–it felt as if I was walking through the compressor building with the ability to focus on any item while sitting at my computer. The point of view reminded me of “Google Street View” with much clearer images and the ability to move in any direction needed. It also enabled us to have a split view of our facility from multiple floors.”


Chris Hopf, TransCanada EIC Technician

What Our Clients Say


“Having ecko360 Industrial, as a resource has been very beneficial for our company. They have allowed us the opportunity to review, estimate, and discuss certain projects with our clients without having to step foot on site. These scans are on file for us to return to anytime we need to. It also, helps us with references, and comparisons for similar work. The turnaround time they can provide from start to finish has been outstanding. We will continue to use ecko360 Industrial, and would recommend their services to any contractor, anywhere”


The State Group Industrial- USA Ltd.

What Our Clients Say

“The purpose of a well-managed business is to create a customer who creates more customers. It’s called referrals and it’s the most solid way to grow your business. Having experienced first-hand the professionalism, technical expertise and experience, the can-do attitude offering a broad base of digital solutions for just about any business, I have no reservations recommending Ecko360 to anyone.”

A.G. Crowe, CEO / Louisiana State Senator

What Our Clients Say

“I’ve worked with numerous drone companies and Ecko360 provides the fastest, most accurate, most compatible topography data in all of South Louisiana. I recommend them to all my clients.”


Derek Quebedeaux CEO / Founder


3D Virtual WalkThrough

ecko360 Industrial’s immersive 3D project walk-throughs allow detailed and realistic visual models to happen remotely.

Aerial Services

Every ecko360 Industrial UAV is operated by a certified construction drone pilot and Visual Observer (VO) team.

Photo Documentation

ecko360 Industrial is a construction photo documentation pioneer and full-service construction site photography provider.

Video Production

ecko360 Industrial Project Video Production services provide a high definition capture of your site-specific operations.

Live Feed

Our webcam applications can be customized for use in any project, from single point-of-interest solutions to complete 360-degree perspectives.


ecko360 Replicator is a Secured Propitiatory Online Dashboard we developed for the delivery of project documentation.


Developers + Owners

Document all stages of the construction process as it happens.

Architects + Engineers

Follow the project from start to completion with documentation.

General Contractors

Avoid costly delays with project documentation by catching issues early.


Utilize safety video integration within 3D Virtual Walkthroughs to ensure proper installation guidelines.

Facilities Manager

Gain a reference point for operations, maintenance, and renovations.

Government Agencies

Benefit from technology and resources that will move your project along quickly.










Our Featured Clients

Our clients are tech savvy and demand quality for their own customers. It is our desire to represent you well so that you can put your company on the map … literally. With technology that maps your facility from all angles, get ready to share every inch of your business – for safety inspections, site visits or for training. And join those who are already taking advantage of drone innovation.

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