What We Bring to the Table

Immersive Walkthrough

3D Showcase offers 3 immersive views of your project.

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Include annotations directly in your 3D Space to highlight delays, progress, points of interest, readings, etc.

Virtual Reality

Make your Spaces viewable in VR on the Samsung Gear VR.


Dimensionally accurate to within 1% eliminating an on-site visit. Measure spaces within the scan.

Schematic Floor Plans

Generate black and white schematic floor plans of a property. Delete with the push of a button.


Understand the performance of your marketing campaigns by tracking engagement with your Spaces.

Fully Responsive

Our 3D scans work across all platforms rather it’s VR, Smart phone,Tablet or PC.

Easily Viewable

Our 3D scans can be shared through email or messaging service. Or can be embedded directly to your website.

What Our Clients Say

We have had other companies in the past do scans, usually with varying results. Most scans were distorted and not as clear as we would like for a visual reference. ecko360 Industrial’s final product was much different–it felt as if I was walking through the compressor building with the ability to focus on any item while sitting at my computer. The point of view reminded me of “Google Street View” with much clearer images and the ability to move in any direction needed. It also enabled us to have a split view of our facility from multiple floors.

Chris Hopf, TransCanada EIC Technician

What Our Clients Say

Having ecko360 Industrial, as a resource has been very beneficial for our company. They have allowed us the opportunity to review, estimate, and discuss certain projects with our clients without having to step foot on site. These scans are on file for us to return to anytime we need to. It also, helps us with references, and comparisons for similar work. The turnaround time they can provide from start to finish has been outstanding. We will continue to use ecko360 Industrial, and would recommend their services to any contractor, anywhere

CEB – The State Group Industrial- USA Ltd.


Developers + Owners

Monitor, document and track all construction progress as it happens.

Architects + Engineers

Use ecko360 Industrial to validate your model with as-built conditions, verify design integrity, and virtually “walk” the site.

General Contractors

Complete your project on time and under budget with visual documentation linked to digital project plans.


Flip through progression photos of your project to see inside every wall, ceiling, floor and slab right from your desk.

Facilities Manager

Our services offer a reference point for facility-wide operations, maintenance, and renovations.

Government Agencies

Benefit from the complete transparency of an unbiased and independent documentation resource.

Our Featured Clients

Our clients are tech savvy and demand quality for their own customers. It is our desire to represent you well so that you can put your company on the map … literally. With technology that maps your facility from all angles, get ready to share every inch of your business – for safety inspections, site visits or for training. And join those who are already taking advantage of drone innovation.

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