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Top-of-the-line drones will provide a detailed view of facilities and their processes

Our company leaders and licensed drone operators will work closely with clients to ensure the plan goes smoothly from start to finish.

FAA Part 107 Licensed

Aerial Photogammetry and Orthomosaic

Heavy Construction

Safe, efficient, affordable inspections
Locate defects in 3D from images, visualize structural details from multiple angles, model thermal behavior of buildings or panels, and export orthophotos from any plane.
Facade orthomosaic (Orthoplane)
We can create a orthomosaic from any plane. Detailed information is safeguarded and visible in the original images.
Thermal Modeling
We use thermal imagery to capture information RGB images can’t. This allows us to detect hot spots, water leakage & more with thermal maps and models.
Monitor Progress
Monitor as-built site status to stay on task with BIM scheduling.  Analyze as built site Data. using easily updated orthophotos or 3D models created from images. On the cloud platform, conduct measurements, compare the current build with design drawings, then share results.
Repeatable Data Collection
This process can be repeated on a scheduled basis, providing the regular as-built updates required to keep the BIM process under control.
Non Intrusive Data Collection
Data is collected without requiring direct human presence on this site. This allows site work to continue undisturbed, as well as removes potential safety risks of extra personnel on site.
Easily shared for collaboration
Data is collected without requiring direct human presence on this site. This allows site work to continue undisturbed, as well as removes potential safety risks of extra personnel on site.
Volume Measurements
Get more complete surveys of stockpiles and earthworks via aerial survey. Drone Imagery gives comprehensive coverage of intricate areas for precise measurements.
Overlay CAD drawings to HiRes Map
The ability to import and overlay CAD drawings on the 2D image maps is a game changer. It helps you keep projects on track by being able to quickly compare the as-built situation to the design plans.


Up to Date Maps
Don’t get caught with out of date information. Because of easy workflow and repeatable data capture, maps and models can be updated as often as required.
GIS Capability
Export true orthomosaics, digital surface models, and 3D Models for further analysis as outputs are compatible with GIS and other professional platforms.
Accurate Results
We ensure you receive the accuracy and results you need by tying in Ground Control Points with RTK UAVs.
Smooth the permitting and application process
Generate high-resolution maps and accurate, interactive 3D models of the mine site to share with permitting authorities.
Optimize site development
Optimize the layout of the mine facilities and infrastructure using regularly updated basemaps. Make decisions and ensure development phases are completed as anticipated. Identify and mitigate issues as they emerge.
Update production progress and forecasts frequently
Produce more precise 3D stockpile models with highly accurate volume measurements Provide real-time updates on production progress and forecasts, stockpile sizes, and composition.
Reduce operational risk
Forecast geo technical hazards quantitatively – such as rock bursts, water inflows and slope stability.
More informed decisions
Understand complex situations faster with rapid data collection and 3D mapping. Image-analysis and machine learning to creates immediate, repeatable results ready for analysis and decision-making.
Fast and Safe Data Acquisition
ecko360 Industrial Aerial Surveys allow for fast data capture and non-invasive scene documentation, using any handheld camera or drone.
Image Evidence Reserve
Store collected data from one event with the ability to access each pixel and each image used to construct the 3D point cloud.
Measurable Data
Data can be georeferenced, down to each 3D point in the point cloud. Measure directly in the 3D model and in the original images used to construct the 3D point cloud used to construct it. Detect changes between scenes over time.
Scene Reconstruction
Reduced time on scene 15 minutes instead of an hour Navigable photographic evidence Hundreds of photos accessible with a click Maintain chain of custody Offline processing keeps data secure Court-ready documentation.
Fire investigation
Root cause analysis Damage assessment Insurance claim adjustments.


Identify Issues Faster
By scouting with timely and high-resolution drone maps.
Understand Your Crop's Stress
By exploring the different vegetation index maps.
Link vegetation index maps to plant features
By comparing and interpreting different layers of information side by side.
Irrigation and erosion control
Detailed Digital Surface Model to plan and manage your irrigation and to structure your field and minimize soil erosion.
Obtain management-ready maps
By aggregating information into zones.
Create comprehensive Variable Rate Application Maps
For a more targeted use of inputs.
Connect with your Farming Management Platform
And export any map in various industry standard formats.
Benefit from a new layer of information in your trials thanks to vegetation index maps and their custom vegetation indices.
Validate Insurance Claims
Generate maps immediately to validate and sustain your insurance claims with visual proof.
3D Mapping
Obtain an accurate 3D representation of your crops and forest to better understand your operation in context.

What You Can Expect

3D Map / Photogrammetry

Orthomosaic Map

Aerial Inspection Services

What You Can Expect


The drone technology at ecko360 Industrial allows clients access to quality imaging and videos. The following specific services are available:

  • Photogrammetry
  • orthomosaic mapping
  • UAV pipeline inspection
  • UAV inspection
  • Drone pipeline inspection
  • Aerial survey
  • Aerial video
  • 3D mapping


Our technology can be used in a number of industries for inspections, mapping, and virtual reality. Some of the following industries have found success with ecko360 Industrial:

  • Heavy Construction
  • Project Documentation
  • Safety Inspection
  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Land Survey
  • Infrastructure Inspection