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The days of Closed Circuit Television are long gone. Surveillance has turned in to all out remote control over your assets and jobsites through the advancement of solar power, artificial intelligence, cellular connection speeds, the implementation of cloud based data storage and much more. Ecko360 Industrial’s roots are in CCTV so you can be assured we are unmatched when it comes to integrating different sensors, data, analytics etc to offer you a different level of site management.

OGI - Thermal Gas Detection

Advanced sensors such as OGI Gas Detection Systems can detect fugitive emissions from natural gas compressors, pipelines, valve yards etc. Utilizing this technology can save maintenance/down time and eliminate threats to the safety of your employees. Furthermore new regulations such as 0000A compliance states that all above ground oil and gas assets must be inspected twice a year. We can help make sure you are compliant to avoid expensive penalties and fines. Advanced A.I. software can be used to layer the thermal OGI footage over RGB footage so you can easily pinpoint your expensive leaks.

Live Onsite Weather Data

When leasing our E.M.U. (Extensive Monitoring Unit) you can add an on-board weather station for an additional charge. This option allows you see rainfall, wind direction and speed, humidity, and more in real time.  These additional features come in handy during rain-out situations on jobs sites, archiving on-site weather data for future reference. These additional features provide actionable data, giving shot callers the information they need to make informed decisions.


The timelapse is a tool widely used on construction sites. There are many uses and vocations for a video timelapse.

Follow the progress and evolutions of the work The time lapse is a monitoring technique regularly used on construction and demolition sites. Thanks to a camera that takes pictures at regular intervals, it is possible to see the progress, evolutions, changes, or the necessary work done for each stage of the construction. This provides a short video that gives the illusion of time in an accelerated manner.

The timelapse also captures and lets revive the ephemeral, which is past and will never be again. This captured memory can then serve as a communication tool to demonstrate a unique construction expertise (for example).

Capture a memory and convert it into a communication tool The timelapse also captures and lets revive the ephemeral, which is past and will never be again. This captured memory can then serve as a communication tool to demonstrate a unique construction expertise.

Benefits of Site Monitoring


Nobody can go back through time, but with the help of site data collected, you can check what happened in the past so that you can change things for the better.

Off Site Monitoring

Managers who cannot physically visit the construction site can rest assured that the project is going as planned if they are given access to real-time feeds. They can also record sections of the video if they like.


If you are concerned about the security of the construction site, CCTV monitors and other video-capturing devices can record what’s happening in the area. It’s best to place the cameras in the storage warehouse or in highly sensitive areas of the project


Is your construction site equipped with sufficient safety measures to prevent accidents? Video captures allow project managers to review the site and implement safety precautions as needed.

Better Time Management

Live feeds allow project managers to multi-task. Even if they’re engaged in an off-site meeting, they can still check the progress through remote video.

Documentation & Marketing

Video logs are great for companies who want to view archives of past projects. Recording the project in video format can also be used for promotional purposes so stakeholders can appreciate the progress of the construction.

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