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Video Production

Video is a great way to keep your team on the same page! Reduce liability, validate insurance claims and maintain a high detailed record of the as-built conditions on your project. We can create cinematic training & safety videos that will wow your team and clients. Video offers you the ability to cross train employees in an efficient and cost effective way. With ecko360 you can expect every video to be nothing short of exceptional. Need marketing material? We can check that off the list while capturing site documentation saving you a small fortune.


Photography is the cornerstone of media. Regardless of technological advances in the industry, photos remain very relevant, especially in asset inspections and marketing. Rather it’s a headshot, an aerial photo showing off your latest project or photos used in creating realistic photogrammetric digital twins, photos remain at the core of what we do. Considered an affordable alternative to more expensive services, photography services are very popular. Our experienced field technicians are all trained extensively in not only what to capture, but also how to capture it. Rest assured your photos will look like a million dollars.

Matterport 3D Virtual Walkthrough

No more miscommunication and costly mistakes. Get stakeholders on the same page as your team. Eliminate delays in the project by discovering issues early on. Tag complicated areas with information, such as safety videos or installation Instructions. Impress your clients with Total Transparency. Utilize the walkthrough for your Pre-Job Meeting and As-found documentation and never second guess your Decision again. Even from your desk thousands of miles away! Tags turn Spaces into a multimedia hub. They’re anchored to points in the 3D model data, so you’re able to add descriptions and embed almost anything – like additional photos, video, or audio files – right in your 3D Space.

This turns Spaces into a powerful tool for communicating with remote stakeholders, property buyers, prospective lessees, or global audiences.

Facilities Management
Matterport is the most efficient, effective method to survey your existing buildings and report on the building layouts and conditions to manage maintenance and develop remodeling plans.

Photogrammetry / Digital Twins

A highly complex virtual model that is the exact counterpart (or twin) of a physical thing. The ‘thing’ could be a car, a building, a bridge, or a jet engine. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies enable the creation of digital twins, which are dimensionally accurate 3D digital models that can be updated quickly to reflect changes with its physical counterpart.

By providing a contextual model of your building and operations, digital twins offer:
  • transformative spatial awareness;
  • analyses of root causes;
  • intelligent recommendations;
  • the ability to self-tune; and.
  • the insight needed for predictive maintenance.

Aerial Photo + Video

An aerial view can make everything come together. Sometimes just seeing a bird’s eye view of your jobsite can make it all click. You can incorporate never before seen views into project documentation and capture marketing media while you are at it. ecko360 Industrial pilots are FAA Part 107 certified. Every pilot is an ecko360 employee, so there aren’t any surprises and you can expect quality and experience with each and every flight. Not sure of the flight restrictions for the airspace over your project? Not a problem, we handle everything. Our pilots were the first in the U.S. to acquire an S.G.I. (Special Government Intervention) waiver when we flew the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Collapse.

3D Design and Motion Graphics

Our team has a full-time in-house 3D Design and Animation tech. So if you want a realistic 3D logo or model of your planned project it’s no problem at all. We will build it up from scratch to your required specifications. Let us bring your ideas to life with realistic 3D Design.

Custom Development

Explore solutions you didn’t even know existed, Or have us custom create them just for you! We love pulling our our extremely talented team together to think outside the box! Consultations are a Free, so call today to see what is possible.

Benefits of Media

Beautiful Content

ecko360 Industrial is a full blown media company. This means all your project documentation is going to look first class so you can use it for marketing.


ecko360 Industrial field technicians are experienced in dangerous Industrial environments making us the perfect fit for the job. Other companies may only be used to the commercial sector.


ecko360 Industrial has created a Ford assembly line for media productions. Our turn around time is incredible. No project is too large or small.


We have developed a process for pre-production. We will get your message across in a clear and concise way maximizing your budget.


Our field technicians are provided with the very best state of the art equipment on the market. We pride ourselves on rotating our equipment regularly.


Because we are centrally located in Hammond, LA where I-55 and I-12 intersect our technicians can get to Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Slidell, all within an hour.

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Data Management Platform

  • Eliminate costly delays by communicating visually.
  • Instantly share data among your team.
  • Easily provide total transparency to clients.

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