Precision Is Key

LIDAR stands for light detection and ranging, it is an active form of remote sensing. It records laser pulses that strike the object and back to the sensor creating realistic models with precise detail.

We rapidly collect dense, accurate datasets and produce a full suite of terrain mapping products to meet your mapping and modeling requirements. For planning, analyzing, or managing emergency response, LiDAR mapping solutions provide high-accuracy remote sensing and terrain mapping.


More Efficient

Traditional land based topo surveys can be slow and require cutting line.

Easily Shared

With our cloud based viewer you can easily share the colorized point cloud with stakeholders.

More Data

Our LiDAR sensors shoot 700,000 points per second giving you the complete picture.

Easily Viewed

View your colorized point cloud data on any platform. Desktop, Laptop, Iphone, Ipad, etc.

More Affordable

Aerial LiDAR is much faster and requires a smaller team making it more affordable.

Extremely Accurate

LiDAR data is just as accurate as traditional land based survey.

Terrestrial LiDAR

3D reality capture solution allows us to document and capture client environments in 3D, improving efficiency and productivity in the field and in the office. The 3D laser scanner is the solution for professionals to manage project complexities with accurate and reliable 3D representations and discover the possibilities of any site. Augment your data capture with information tags illustrating the opportunities for better planning, reflect site reality, and boost your teams’ situational awareness.

Aerial LiDAR

LiDAR datasets can help your organization gain valuable information about terrain and other land-based features through remote sensing technologies. From those datasets, 3D models can be created to give urban planners, emergency management teams, and other agencies to get a comprehensive view of an environment in a non-intrusive safe way. Can be used for Survey and Mapping, Hydrological Assessment, Land Development, Construction Monitoring and much more.


  • Vegetation Penetration
  • Survey and Mapping
  • Hydrological Assessment
  • Utility / Infrastructure
  • Open Pit Mining / Landfills
  • Forestry / Land Development
  • Construction Site Monitoring / Engineering
  • Cultural Preservation
  • Glacier & Snowfield
  • Drainage Mitigation
  • Erosion

Reality Capture

LiDAR Ground can offer structural monitoring and control of construction projects.

The Top Three Reasons to utilize Reality Capture:
Quicker analysis of existing and as-built conditions
New technology democratizes the process so anyone can collect and process the data
3D data improves communication and level of understanding

Reality capture gives you the best data available, helping you to make decisions based upon facts and not theory. This will improve the entire project from beginning to end. That means this new technology allows for better collaboration on the construction site, resulting in increased productivity, less rework and reduced RFIs. Specifically for Safety, Planning, Coordination, Documentation, Inspection, Production, Stockpile volumes, 3D modeling and QA/QC.

Post Processing

Our team uses state of the art software, powerful computers, and expansive knowledge to fully post process LiDAR data and generate EVERY DELIVERABLE common to the industry, in ANY REFERENCE SYSTEM.
  • Full PPK workflow for the highest accuracy.
  • Custom classification of ground, vegetation, infrastructure, etc.
  • Quality metrics, accuracy reports.
  • Clean contour lines and slope arrows.
  • DXF, LandXML, ESRI Shapefiles, and more computed from fully corrected point clouds.
  • Extensive list of deliverables, just send us an email to find out more.
  • Experience coordinating with surveyors and engineers to validate your data.

Ground Control Points

Ground Control Points (GCPs) are marked points on the ground with a known geographic location.  ecko360 takes GCPs and the overall accuracy of our projects extremely seriously. When used correctly, ground control points greatly improve the global accuracy of your captured data. They help ensure that the coordinates in your data correspond accurately to the real world coordinates.

Good Ground Control Points can make or break a LiDAR Project. It is an extremely important part of the data capture process.

Setting good Ground Control Points is an art that ecko360 has mastered. You can expect top notch GCPs with each and every order.

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