Photographic Documentation

Let your work shine!

Ecko360 Industrial is a construction photo documentation pioneer and full-service media company. Construction Firms often use photos to showcase their work. It’s a visual testimonial to the expertise and capabilities of the contractor and their team. We also offer aerial progression photos! You can rest assured our technicians have solid experience and work with the best equipment in the world.

Progression Photography

Document all milestones and progress during the progress of your project or process. We are an photo documentation pioneer and full-service industrial site photography provider. Imagine sitting with your team and updating the schedule, coordinating work in the field with trades, or walking through progress in an OAC meeting — all without leaving the trailer.

  • Demonstrate progress to owners and other stakeholders.
  • Review real site conditions virtually to update schedules.
  • Collaborate with subcontractors and tradespeople.

As Built/Found Documentation

Capture the current conditions of your jobsite, document all utilities as found or during the critical time between inspection and cover-up. Accurate, up-to-date construction intelligence leads to more efficient decision making. When stakeholders can collectively review the same visual data, RFIs, change orders, and disputes can be addressed before they affect the schedule and costs. Resolve RFIS, change orders, and disputes.

  • Respond to every RFI quickly using photographic evidence that has already been captured in the field.
  • Verify completion of work remotely and complete change orders in just minutes.
  • Use professionally captured 360 photos to verify claims and rapidly resolve disputes.


What do your companies marketing photos say about you? In today’s world people research you online before awarding the contract. Construction firms often use photos to showcase their work. It’s a visual testimonial to the expertise and capabilities of the contractor and their team. If your photos are not up to par or are outdated, it could be the deciding factor that loses you the contract. Our photographers are experienced and vetted. We will help you shine and stand out from the crowd.

Streamline Progress Payment Applications

When your payments are tied to project progress, having accurate, frequently updated proof of progress at your fingertips is invaluable.

  • Submit recent, unbiased images along with your payment applications to get paid faster.
  • Pay your sub-trades quicker without waiting for your next site walk.
  • Use high-frequency progressions to speed up timelines and hit your milestones.

Benefits of Photo Documentation


Maintain a record of certain milestones at anytime with progress photography.


Take your company up a notch with professional photography for marketing material.

As Built

Recall the location of a certain utility wire with as-built photo documentation.

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  • Eliminate costly delays by communicating visually.
  • Instantly share data among your team
  • Easily provide total transparency with clients.

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