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Aerial LiDAR

LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and is a method for examining the surface of the earth using a laser. Laser light reflects off the earth’s surface and measures the range, which is then combined with GPS and IMU (inertial measurement unit) data to create a group of elevation points called a “point cloud.” The point cloud is detail-rich, data-precise, and can be used to create high-precision 3D models

Data Collection

Measure distances and volumes, develop fast topographic, hydrographic and thermal maps, see volumetric calculations for stockpiles and monitor regularly for changes. View heatmaps and flood insurance maps, our survey partners can accurately identify property boundaries, map construction sites, and identify topographical features that affect engineering project requirements.

Digital Twins

A highly complex virtual model that is the exact counterpart (or twin) of a physical thing. The ‘thing’ could be a car, a building, a bridge, or a jet engine. Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies enable the creation of digital twins, which are dimensionally accurate 3D digital models that can be updated quickly to reflect changes with its physical counterpart.

By providing a contextual model of your building and operations, digital twins offer:
  • transformative spatial awareness;
  • analyses of root causes;
  • intelligent recommendations;
  • the ability to self-tune; and.
  • the insight needed for predictive maintenance.

Aerial Inspection

These days, drone inspections are being performed in almost every industry that requires visual inspections as part of its maintenance procedures. By using a drone to collect visual data on the condition of an asset, drone inspections help inspectors avoid having to place themselves in dangerous situations.

Benefits of drone inspection

Using our drone inspection services for visual inspection, provide benefits such as:

  • inspection of areas difficult to access
  • preventive maintenance planning and optimized production
  • access to areas that pose health, safety and environmental risk to humans
  • quick on-site deployment of the drone inspection system
  • authorized and qualified UAV-inspection personnel
  • reduced downtime.


Hyperspectral sensors collect data as a series of narrow and contiguous wavelength bands providing a high level of performance in spectral and radiometric accuracy.

The datasets produced by hyperspectral imagers is in the form of a three-dimensional hypercube in which two dimensions represent the spatial information (x,y) and the third dimension representing the spectral information. You can use this detailed spectral information to identify subtle differences in vegetation, minerals and other materials. Uses of Hyperspectral Sensors – The sensors are instrumental in plant health measurement, plant disease identification, water quality assessment, vegetation index calculations, mineral and surface composition surveys, fill spectral sensing and spectral index research.

Aerial Photo + Video

An aerial view can make everything come together. Sometimes just seeing a bird’s eye view of your jobsite can make it all click. You can incorporate never before seen views into project documentation and capture marketing media while you are at it. ecko360 Industrial pilots are FAA Part 107 certified. Every pilot is an ecko360 employee, so there aren’t any surprises and you can expect quality and experience with each and every flight. Not sure of the flight restrictions for the airspace over your project? Not a problem, we handle everything. Our pilots were the first in the U.S. to acquire an S.G.I. (Special Government Intervention) waiver when we flew the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel Collapse.

Thermal Imaging

We use thermal imagery to capture information RGB images can’t. This allows us to detect hot spots, water leakage, fugitive emissions & more with thermal maps and models. Our advanced, high-resolution RGB visual and thermal cameras offer detailed imaging of current infrastructure status, with thermal imaging to detect overheating transformers, cables, engines, pumps, dyeing solar cells and other equipment

Custom Development

Explore solutions you didn’t even know existed, Or have us custom create them just for you! We love pulling our extremely talented team together to think outside the box! Consultations are free, so call today to see what is possible.

Benefits of Aerial

Data Management

All of your images and data right at your fingertips with ecko360’s data management platform, Replicator. Easily share with your entire team, no matter their location.


Avoid dangerous environments and areas by allowing ecko360’s UAV pilots to fly overhead non-intrusively.


Aerial services are far more efficient than traditional land based services.


Create 3D maps with extremely accurate measurements of your entire project.


The options are endless with Thermal Imaging. Detect leaks, overheating, or faulty valves. We can even detect gas leaks.

Eliminate Resources

Cut back on costs by eliminating needs for boats or heavy equipment to access hard to reach locations on the project.

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Data Management Platform

  • Eliminate costly delays by communicating visually.
  • Instantly share data among your team.
  • Easily provide total transparency to clients.

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