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Are you looking for a change? Tired of mundane Mondays? ecko360 Industrial is searching for adventurous, tech savvy, self starting team players. On the job training, continued education and a driven environment where learning and increasing your value is as important as the work being performed. Aerial photography and video

Aerial photography and video

Team ecko360

Don brings a wealth of business experience to the team. He has been extremely successful in multiple ventures ranging from home healthcare to starting a bank and selling it. He is a huge asset to ecko360 and we are lucky to have him.

Don Bankston

Hunter Bankston is an entrepreneur at heart, but also brings a vast array of skill sets to ecko360. He worked his way into the role of Business Development Manager for 4 different start up companies at the age of 27 demonstrating his ability to stay calm in stressful situations and meet impossible deadlines for clients.

Hunter Bankston
Founder - CEO

Brad Arnett has extensive experience holding management positions in highly technical environments. He holds highly advanced knowledge in remote sensing and processing of GIS information giving ecko360 the advantage of being able to run all of our processing in-house.

Brad Arnett
Partner - CTO

Excelling in photoshop, 3d modeling, and customer satisfaction. Mike demonstrates dedication that reflects his military background while maintaining his upbeat personality. His leadership and complex problem-solving skills make him an essential member of the Ecko360 team.

Michael Sponholz
Operations Manager - Pilot

Brandon Kelley began his career in 2005, when he joined the Pipe-liners Union Local 798. Brandon, our Director of Business Development, is a go getter and assists with his industry knowledge, natural resourcefulness, and genuine desire to help people. In his personal time Brandon enjoys investing into the youth and young adults in his local church community.

Brandon Kelley
Director of Business Development
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Shelly is an extremely talented accountant. She manages billing, payroll and HR for ecko360 and ensures everything is running smoothly on the financial side of things.

Shelly Plauché
Financial Controller

Nick is an extremely skilled pilot with a vast knowledge and understanding of data collection on large scale projects. He is rock solid in field operations and has also started to learn post processing of datasets. He is a critical component in the success of field operations.

Nick Macaluso
Field Operations - Pilot

Kyle is an extremely talented artist when it comes to photography, video and UAV capture. He is our go to for high grade media capture and has started the process of learning industrial services such as LiDAR, Photogrammetry and much more.

Kyle Costa
Field Operations - Pilot
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Ben is the brains behind making Replicator a reality.

Ben Arnett
Consultant / Full Stack Developer



We are a company with one goal in mind – innovation

It defines the core of our product and our process. The technology is one thing, but our creativity and ingenuity are what set us apart from other companies. We are licensed, insured and ready to take on your project.

4K video offers detailed views of properties and projects, and our data collection capabilities literally allow us to build a 3D image of your facility, providing those who matter most – your clients and partners – a remote tour of your project. Imagine the possibilities. Presentations, inspections, proposals – all decisions / bids made from your desk virtually.

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