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Industry now has a new standard. It’s a look from above

But it’s not just the overhead view ecko360 Industrial can provide, it’s also the details of the facility. We work with owners and supervisors to ensure site security as well as documentation of practices. Your safety and security is our priority, and while we are here to provide thorough exploration of the facility, we also will offer privacy and specific directions to your team on how to maintain that privacy after the project is complete.


No ladders necessary. UAV Inspection is simply safer. Drones can go where man cannot … or should not. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) travel in areas that are hot, elevated or otherwise dangerous for humans. Instead of risking safety to your employees, allow drones to survey and inspect the facility for you. ecko360 Industrial licensed drone pilots have the knowledge and the equipment necessary to do the job.

3D Scan

Generate inexpensive colored point clouds for every project … fast. We make 3D scanning with 2D visualizations so easy, you’ll do it for every job, no matter how small. Individual images build the projects one layer at a time to provide detailed 3D imagery.

3D Modeling

ecko360 Industrial provides a look at properties and facilities from all angles to build a detailed model of the project.

How Does This Work?

ecko360 Industrial brings the technology to you. For samples of our work, just ask. We’ll provide imagery of public places. Our 4K videos, photogrammetry, 3D modeling and aerial surveying are only the products we provide. The real magic happens in the innovative ideas, the process and the delivery. We offer thorough planning and provide quality service.