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Growing Demand for LiDAR and Imaging Systems

  12.04.2021   Business, Development, News   No comments

LiDAR Drones for Corridor Mapping and Precision Agriculture Applications The LiDAR Drone Market has estimated to be worth $392 million by 2025. Key factors fueling the growth of this market

How Companies are Utilizing LiDAR Technology

  8.04.2021   Business, News   No comments

What is LiDAR? LiDAR stands for ‘light detection and ranging’. LiDAR technology is an active form of remote sensing and measures the distance between objects by hitting the target with a

Digital Twins for 5G Towers with Drone Technology

  29.03.2021   Business, Development, News   No comments

Open Tower iQ The rollout of 5G connectivity is underway, and the demand for better data has continued to grow. However, the process of installing, inspecting and maintaining cellular towers remains

Professional Video Production with Ecko360

  24.03.2021   Business, News   No comments

Why is Video Important? Video is a great way to keep your team on the same page!Reduce liability, validate insurance claims and maintain a high detailed record of the as-built

Drone Photogrammetry vs. LiDAR

  22.03.2021   News   No comments

In drone survey missions, the choice between photogrammetry and LIDAR depends heavily on the application in which you intend to use. It is important to also consider operational factors, such

Latest Trends in LiDAR Technology

  19.03.2021   Business, Development, News   No comments

Lidar technology is synonymous with 3D point clouds. Within the spatial industry there are four popular platforms for producing point clouds: 1) Airborne Lidar which captures data from above using

3D Matterport Immersive Reality

  17.03.2021   News   No comments

3D Virtual Walkthrough Want to tour your job site remotely? You can now with ecko360 Industrial, as Louisiana’s first Matterport Service provider they can bring reality to your screen. What

How Drones are Changing the World

  10.03.2021   Business, News   No comments

Drones are rapidly growing in popularity. They are still in the early stage in terms of mass adoption and usage, but drones have already broken through rigid traditional barriers in

LiDAR & Photogrammetry Working Together

  8.03.2021   Business, News   No comments

Photogrammetry vs LiDAR conversations are not the most productive way to approach deciding which sensors makes the most sense for an organization. Surveying and mapping professionals who work with these

Remote Monitoring with Ecko360 Industrial

  1.03.2021   News   No comments

Ecko360 is a technology company pioneering data acquisition and visualization across a range of products and services. Ecko360 has significant experience in both research and development of reality capture and