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Meet Team ecko360

Hunter Bankston is an entrepreneur at heart, but also brings a vast array of skill sets to ecko360. He worked his way into the role of Business Development Manager for 4 different start up companies at the age of 27 demonstrating his ability to stay calm in stressful situations and meet impossible deadlines for clients.

Hunter Bankston
Chief Executive Officer

Brad Arnett has extensive experience holding management positions in highly technical environments. He brings years of experience in video systems, surveillance, access control, programming, web development, research and development among many other areas.

Brad Arnett
Chief Technology Officer

Moved to LA in 2017 on a whelm and love the southern hospitality! She has a banking and accounting background with over 20 years experience. Coming on board with ecko360, LLC has fed into her passion of adventure; taking her through different facets of the latest and greatest in Photography, Videography, and Drone technologies.

Kim Williams
Chief Financial Officer

Coming Soon!

Mitch Klien
Business Development

Andrew is a true Artist. His background in Art & Music create a unique style that is showcased in our Video Projects. His ability to give properties and businesses a character of their own makes seeing his projects fun. We are very excited to have him leading our Media Department.

Andrew Starns
Media Director / Pilot

Michael has a Military background that is not quite reflected by his personality but shines through in his dedication to being on time and ready to work. Mikes ability to rally the team and figure out complex issues make him a huge asset. He excels at photoshop, 3d modeling, and customer satisfaction.

Michael Sponholz
3D Asset Manager
Gabrielle Keaton
Director of Marketing / Customer Service

Daniel has a background in IT, Content Management and Videography. When he’s not flying drones or shooting killer content he likes to spend his time making music. Daniel’s true passion is music. He started playing piano at the age of 6 and now produces music. He’s actually produced a full score for a feature film.

Daniel Newton
Lead Technician / Pilot

Nick Macaluso is a college student at Southeastern Louisiana University studying Business and Marketing. He is our young grasshopper, specializing in photography, matterport, and aerial showcase videos. He loves to learn and has an amazing work ethic. He will indeed be a huge asset and has already proven he can hang with the Team.

Nick Macaluso
Technician / Pilot

Coming Soon!

Chloe Bishop

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Kyle Costa
Field Technician / Pilot

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Ben Arnett
Full Stack Developer

We are a company with one goal in mind – innovation

It defines the core of our product and our process. The technology is one thing, but our creativity and ingenuity are what set us apart from other companies. We are licensed, insured and ready to take on your project.

4K video offers detailed views of properties and projects, and our mapping capabilities literally allow us to build a 3D image of your facility, providing those who matter most – your clients and partners – a remote tour of your project. Imagine the possibilities. Presentations, inspections, proposals – all decisions / bids made from your desk.

Industries of Focus

Heavy Construction

Project Documentation

Safety Inspection

Infrastructure Inspection

Pipeline Inspection

Land Survey

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